Time aggregator for iCal!

Paste from iCal and get a summarized table of your calendar entries.

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Yeah, I keep my project time logs in iCal! Sometimes. So what?

iCal aggregator => iCal alligator => iCalligator

Simply select any number of iCal events from and paste them in The Swamp. Then there will come an iCalligator, chew it all up and spit out aggregated time table.

screenshot screenshot

After the loborious task of clicking around, PASTE it here and anjoy!

And what then, you ask?
Oh, well... you can copy the resulting table. And paste it somewhere. I don't know... To a spreadsheet, perhaps.

iCal? You mean Calendar!

A long time ago (2012) on a Mac near, near you...

iCal was renamed to Calendar.

You can read about it on The Internet.

please specify custom format using syntax from moment.js specification

Using a custom format? Let me know, and I'll add it to the list above.

Sort by clicking the headers. Shift-click for multi-column sorting.

Event Total Time Number of Events

other formats

Only works for the following time format:

Event A
Scheduled: 19.02. 2014. 13:30:00  to 15:00:00

overlapping events

Does not check for overlapping entries. Meaning if you have two simultaneous entries in the calendar, they'll get added together just as if they were consecutive. This might be desired or might not.

something else?

Found a bug? Format not working? Need a feature added? Contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Made by frnhr.

Very quickly. Not being elegant. At all. Much to improve. But probably never will. Because it works. And it's not a work of art. And I'm not a frontend dev.


And of course:

Oh, P.S:

It's completely browser-side JS, nothing gets sent to the server. So your privacy is safe. Really. If you don't believe me, that's ok, you can unplug from the internet and it will still work.

The only piece of info that gets recorded is a visit, by Google Analytics. That way I have some idea if anyone other then me is using this app. I hope that's ok.

v0.2 2015-02-04 changeset.hr